Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It’s a hard life….


Decided to go fishing this afternoon….

So paddled out towards the western end of Port Jackson Bay, paddled about 15 mins into about 11m of water and then threw a line over, a nice little softbait, (blue fish), saw some fish on the finder, reeled it in and cast again and bang…. ohh thought I, a rather large fish on the end of the line this time, looks like it might be smoked kahwai for dinner thought I, or maybe a small king fish. So after a couple of minutes I see this rather large snapper appear from the depths…. nice I thought. Then it got closer and the adrenalin starts pumping, this is one large fish!


Once on board I was very careful to string it and put it away very carefully so as not to loose it overboard!

Turns out it was 600mm, the biggest snapper I have caught!


So fish for dinner.

So the weather has been very kind to us here at Port Jackson over the past couple of days, my sister and her husband have been staying with me here and it has been a great week. They went home today and after doing a bit of work, decided to make the most of the lovely weather as it is due to get foul from tomorrow onwards.


It really is a lovely place that I am currently working, and lovely days like this help!

We have had some awesome sunsets too, last night for example



More after I come down from my fishing high….

Safe travels everyone.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Cooking via the interweb thingy.

It is amazing how many idea pass by on Facebook and other social media platforms and you think….mmm should try that, well tonight I have tried two ideas that crossed my Facebook page.

Kumara rosti and poached eggs the tidy way (wrapped in cling film)

So grated kumara, some herbs, a couple of rashers of finely chopped bacon and an egg….put into muffin pans and bake for 25 mins


That is 2 kumara worth of rosti.

Then while they are cooking, tear off some cling film, put over a cup and push it down a bit


break in an egg and then wrap up and tie


Put in a pot of boiling water and poach…I over cooked mine just a little so they were firm not runny (bad boy me!)


Put some rosti on the plate and top with egg…enjoy. Was super yummy!!!


Enjoy and thanks to whoever posted them so I could see them.

Some things do work via the internet it is not all just thingy enlargement pills and dating scams!

Safe travels everyone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Port Jackson et al

Well it has been a while since I posted on the blog, difficult when I am stationary and busy each day to find the time to write this but I shall get back into the habit.

So far…..

Lawns, edges, weeding, keeping tabs on campers….all great fun.

Before I go any further I will put a bit of a disclaimer here. The summer camp managers, Len and Jenny, do a wonderful job but with the number of campers that come through they are flat out and the larger maintenance bit and pieces do not get done. So what I hope to do is be able to have the camp in a much better position when I hand back over in October so that it is easier for the summer managers to keep on top of it.

Port Jackson is a long thin campsite with four ‘pods’ of campsites.

Ocean View, Barrier, Spinifex Flat and Muriwai. Between Ocean View and Barrier is the office, flat and me! 


There have been lots of jobs to do and once I managed to get the mowing under control, with the help of John and Joy who were relieving at Fletcher Bay and Tim who is manager at Fletcher Bay, I have managed to move onto other tasks and maintenance issues around the camp.

I have today finally managed to find 95% of the site markers in the pods and expose them back to daylight from their dark underground hidey holes.

DSCF8198 DSCF8205

Some were buried deep and some were sitting nicely on top and some were even leaning nonchalantly against tree trunks as if to say “you want me where?”

So it looks like there will be some renumbering and repainting to come as well as lifting and reseating some blocks, replacing the ones that have gone on holiday and didn’t return and realigning and straightening the rows of blocks.

It has been fascinating to see the different sunsets that occur here.



This is just a small number of the amazing sunsets that occur. Well to be honest there have been 37 so far since I arrived here.

Winter. I was not sure what to expect from the weather here so have been prepared for anything and sure enough we have had gale force winds, torrential rain, high seas and some of the most gorgeous days you could imagine.




Yes more sunset shots….  Smile

I have had a steady trickle of campers through averaging around 3 vehicles per night until the start of June when I had my first night with no campers in the camp. All alone I was and quite different. Have had a second night last night as well (4th).

A bit of fishing has been done with a couple of nice snapper caught



Have had a whole day with dolphins in the bay from around 9-5;30


They were just cruising around and  not doing much. Lazy day for them?

Also had a day where the gannets were diving just offshore. This went on for a good hour.


There were a couple of boats out there and they caught some lovely kahawai underneath the small stuff, and were amazed at the Kingfish there as well, but none were caught. There have been some lovely kahawai caught from the beach…observe the ingenuity of some young people…


He waded out to chest deep to cast, had a lovely day but didn’t manage to catch anything.

I have company most days, though I wish I didn’t as they leave their calling cards everywhere…


So enough of an update tonight, I will endeavour to keep this updated regularly and often.

Safe travels everyone.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Next Excitements….

Well things have moved on a bit and it has been a while since I posted but I thought I should let you all know what was happening in my rather interesting life.

I moved from Fantail Bay on Tuesday after ANZAC weekend and travelled the ginormous distance of 7 kilometres up the road to Port Jackson where I am taking over and becoming the winter camp manager here.


This is my temporary spot until the current managers Jennifer and Len head out (Friday if things go according to plan). The weather here has been interesting for the last few days, with huge winds and rain at Fantail Bay to see me off. I actually waited until Tuesday to move as Monday was just atrocious weather with high winds (50 knots) so I did not want to be on the road in that! The wind is coming from a north-westerly direction at the moment and it is making for some interesting times.

I have spent the day in a learning situation back on the computer and getting the grey matter churning and learning the computer booking system!  Whew, I am exhausted, but Jenny is a great teacher so I am getting things down well.

The sunset this afternoon was quite interesting, it looks like I may be getting some great ones here as well but not quite the same of course.


The Fredrock Cafe is rocking and rolling tonight as I write this!

Well I am going to be settling in here for the next 5 months until the end of September. I have no cell phone coverage here on the Spark network but there is Vodafone coverage, so when I get my new phone……

Oh must tell you about my incident…. about a week ago I was down on the rocks at Fantail Bay fishing for piper (live bait) for a pair of young Welshmen Toby and Matt and my iPhone slipped out of my pocket. I didn’t realise this until some time later and went hunting but couldn’t find it. The two places I was crouched led to deep water and so I believe that it now lies deep in the water at Fantail Bay! So insurance claim put in and the whole rigmarole over proof of purchase etc, etc, etc. Luckily I was able to supple serial number form my Apple account so that has helped. So when I get a replacement I will get two sim cards, a Spark and a 2Degrees I think. Will help up here being on 2Degrees as they hang off the Vodafone network.

So that was the little excitement for that week.

I do really enjoy my job as Camp Manager, you get to meet some amazing people, I spent a very wet afternoon playing a weird version of Gin with two Frenchmen and a German. Lovely people and had some wonderful tales to tell of their New Zealand travels. It has been great to be a part of their NZ experience and hopefully help them to have a great time while in my camp.

Currently in Port Jackson we have 2 motorhomers, one young German couple and a single German woman. That is all in a camp that has 113 sites. So rather quiet at the moment!  Not surprised with the weather we have currently.

Anyway must get this posted and get my dinner together, fresh mushrooms and bacon and some rice and veges.

Safe travels everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Baking and the Weather

Well the weather has turned a little and the campsite is almost empty, so it has become a bit of a baking/cooking couple of days.

Bread rolls…


Fejoa crumble made with fejoas from John and Joy the normal camp managers here, who dropped in on their way to Fletcher Bay to relieve Tim and Miriam who are about to go on leave for 6 weeks….


and four quiches of bacon, cheese, beetroot, carrot and other bits and pieces


Yes I know that there are only three there but I had one for lunch today and some date and cranberry biscuits that I didn’t get any pics of…

The wind is currently coming from the north and west and the sea is pretty rough and we are getting the occasional shower but Thursday’s sunset was interesting…


So more weeding has been done, I have almost completed the third tier garden and have created a couple of walkways through the middle of the tiers.


Lawn mowing is up to date and apart from the weather all is well with the world.

I am currently listening to “A Traders Tale From the Golden Age of The Solar Clipper”. A series of 6 books written and read by Nathan Lowell. A really great space opera series that I started reading in kindle form but couldn’t wait for the final three books to be published so I downloaded the podcasts. He reads them incredibly well and they are an absolute joy to listen to. This is about the forth time over the years that I have re-listened to them. If you are into science fiction novels they really are a must read (or listen). 

Today (Saturday) there will be no fishing as the prevailing wind is from the south west….


The left hand picture is where the boat ramp is….it is

The rain has passed over and it is a beautiful fine day apart from the wind and I have managed to complete the major weeding of the three terraces and have started on the front bank outside the camp.

Still cannot manage to get a night by myself in camp, just had a campervan pull in from Oamaru. Their first time up this way. They did call in earlier on the way up to Port Jackson and Fletcher Bay but decided to return here.

I am looking forward to another “day release” on Monday when I head back to Auckland for the night and a visit to my ear specialist for a check up and a bit of a grocery shop. Good timing as I have just run out of manuka chips for the smoker!

Safe travels everyone!